This blog is both a written and a photographic/artistic journey of the Generation X experience.  This blog is somewhat of a digital art museum of different forms of media that I have used to create Gen X art.  For example, fiber optic lights were big in the 1980s, so you'll see regular and time-lapsed multi-colored fiber optic photos on my blog.  Flannelgraphs made from felt were big in the 1970s, so you'll see different colors of felt in the background of many of my photos.   

Most of the photos on this blog were taken by me.  The only images you'll see on the blog not taken by me are 1) when I embed a YouTube video - in that case you'll see a static image that is part of the video 2) the rare occasion that I use someone else's photo 3) if I take a digital photo of an old photo from my Gen X growing up years. 

I like to do a lot of photos of nature.  Generation X feels like in many ways that they didn't get to experience nature growing up, or that they miss experiencing nature in the present because of all the demands of modern life.  Even if these are only digital images, hopefully these can be windows into the beauty of the world around us that is not confined by four walls. 

All rights reserved on every photo and on every entry.


The Blog Soundtrack
Some blogs provide background music when you open them...  

This is tricky since people have such varying tastes in music.  While this blog doesn't play music when you open it, if you want to fully connect with this blog's aesthetic when you are reading do the following:

Use Pandora (free personalized internet radio)

and create a prototype station based on the musician Ulrich Schnauss.  From here, you'll get music from Boards of Canada, Solar Fields, Tangerine Dream, Working for a Nuclear Free City, Brian Eno, and others.  Based on your town taste you can choose which songs you like or don't.  This will give you your own tailored background soundtrack and at the same time, it will put you on the right wavelength since this is what I listen to when I write.  Whenever I am in the process of writing and I hear a new song online that seems to be intrinsically on this blog's wavelength, I'll go and look up who wrote the music - inevitably it is a Gen Xer. 



If I quote someone on this blog, it does not mean that I agree with all of their ideology.  Sometimes I might like one quote that someone has said, but I may disagree with many other things they have said.  

As of 2015, any recommendation of any products on the blog is only done to explain or to refer to something - these are all uncompensated.  


And, having been  a paralegal, I feel the compulsion to add the following...

You are reading your blog of your own free will.  Chloe will be held harmless/not liable  in all contexts and you are taking the information Chloe provides at your own risk.

In the writing of this blog, Chloe does not intend to injure others, defame, or libel anyone.  

Chloe may give opinions, but does not give counsel.  She is not responsible/not liable for any sort of injury that comes as a result of others following her advice.  

Chloe is the legal copyright holder of the material on this blog which may not be used, reprinted, or published without her  written consent - this includes photos taken by Chloe. 

This blog is based on Chloe's opinions.  It is not intended to cause offense to any religion, ethnic group, organization, company/corporation,  any other group, or any individual person.

If something is interpreted in any kind of offensive or inappropriate way, please give Chloe the benefit of the doubt - this is not her intent.  Chloe lives in a free speech country and is not responsible for the blog's content not meeting the criteria of the laws of the reader's country of origin.  Chloe is not responsible for/not liable for comments left on the blog if they are interpreted in any negative way/if they break any laws in any country for any reason.  

Chloe is not responsible for/not liable for how translation of blog content can change the meaning or intent.  

Chloe is not responsible for how other people use content on her blog. 

Chloe is not responsible if a link on her blog causes a virus to affect anyone's digital information or hard drive.  This would never be her intent.  

(All of this is just say I'm just trying to stay stuff and show you cool pictures, don't get all stressed out about it). 

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