Saturday, March 7, 2015

School House Rock Live!

I can't think of anything more quintessential to the formative years of Gen X than the School House Rock series we used to enjoy in between cartoons on Saturday mornings....

I recently went with a friend I grew up with, my husband, and my daughter to the Montgomery Theater in San Jose, CA where we watched School House Rock Live.  They did a great job of making many of the most well-loved School House Rock characters come alive on stage.

A little bit of math, some politics, some grammar, some good music to go with it, and we were all enjoying ourselves no matter what our age. The stage was full of all kinds of talented kids from elementary school to high school.  We gave them a standing ovation at the end for doing such a great job.

It was fun to see all the Gen Xers there with their kids, nieces, and nephews.  Just another fun way of passing down the good stuff from our generation to the next one.

(c) 2015 photos and writing by Chloe Koffas - all rights reserved

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