Monday, February 23, 2015

How We Create Our Own Lightsabers

The newest addition to my writing desk: Lego Lightsabers.

I have the blue on top of the red, of course.

What Gen Xer didn't pretend they were playing with lightsabers countless times as a kid?  Anytime a roll of wrapping paper got used up at my house in the 1980s, all I had to do was grab one of my blue Mr. Sketch scented watercolor markers and color 80% of the cardboard tube until the marker made the whole room smell like blueberries.

According to the Star Wars Wikia, "Blue indicated a Jedi Guardian, a Jedi who used the Force on a more physical level.  Green indicated a Jedi Consular, a Jedi who preferred to reflect on the mysteries of the Force and fight the dark side at its heart.  Yellow indicated a Jedi Sentinel, a Jedi who honed their skills in a balance of combat and scholarly pursuits."

In the Star Wars world, as you build your own light saber, your personality gets somewhat infused into it and even affects the color, which is actually pretty cool to think about.  When it comes to the art we create, the work we do of our lives, the fighting we do for good in this world, our personalities are part of what colors it. Those colors are our legacy - both individually, and also collectively as a generation.

I'm grateful for those who use their platforms not for personal attention, but to help others - whether it's an acceptance speech at the Oscars, or an entire book. Find a cause you believe in, one that helps those in the world who are struggling, one that protects those who cannot protect themselves, and fight for it.

"You use your heart as a weapon and it hurts like heaven."   -Coldplay 


(c) 2015 - photo and writing by Chloe Koffas


J.L. said...

I keep randomly stumbling across this blog as I look up stuff online from our generation - like stuff from when we were kids that we still are into. Now that I've stumbled across it again, I should say this: thanks for all of this, it's all so cool...

ChloeGXP said...

I'm so glad you keep ending up here. Thanks for all the times you've stopped by!