Friday, October 10, 2014

When Poetry Creates Pixels

Light From a Pixel

Entering this space, a universe of a billion pixels connecting to a billion more,
An ellipsis so I can find the omission.

The not found places of the human heart no longer drowned by all the noise on the outside.

Moving through time,
the dark freeways that took us to this place,

Here's our exit: there was a reason for it all.

The sun will rise like the day you were born,
moving across the cold asphalt that you felt would take you nowhere,
it becomes holy ground.

When I was a kid, I would think forward in time and I would think about what it would be like to be alive past the turn of the millennium and into the decades that would follow.  I always knew that someday, when the day 1/11/2011 came, something extraordinary would begin in my life and that it would be part of something much larger than just my own life.  What ended up happening that day, is that I wrote down the very first words of this blog, and those words manifested themselves as the poetry above.

This blog is a journey of a quintessential Gen Xer who has been looking to find some answers - who started getting tired of being angry and has been working on getting un-angry.  It seems to be working (mostly).  The more truth I speak, the less angry I feel.  I have always been a person full of extraordinary hope, even as I work to pull myself out of the fatalism that tries to swallow it all up.

This blog is a journey of looking for some kind of redemption of our collective story, for myself, and for all of us who were born at a time and place when society deemed us 'throwaways'.  We were the children during the largest and longest anti-child zeitgeist in modern history, yet we are the ones who did all the dirty work for minimum wage in our adolescence and twenties, and now were are the ones who quietly and sacrificially give back to society what we wish could have been given to us.  I am constantly in awe of my fellow Gen Xers and I have a heart for my generation - for all they have been through.

I am grateful for all the people this blog has brought into my life, I am grateful for the way this blog has brought people back into my life.  I am grateful for how this blog has been a catalyst for so many miracles in  my life, and I know there are many more yet to come.  Thank you to those who have come with me on this journey. Thank you, fellow Gen Xers, for the light you have shown me so that I can gather it up, put it into words and throw it out into the world in the form of pixels.

(c) 2014 writing/poetry and photo by Chloe Koffas - all rights reserved

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