Monday, March 4, 2013

Project 1979

Project1979 is about giving a generation of 30-somethings a voice - to allow us to tell our story. Those currently in their 30s are either from Generation X (younger, second wave Gen Xers) or from Generation Y.

From the Project1979 web site: 

"This project is an evolving collaborative storytelling project, designing an occasion for people to belong to something greater than themselves.  It is developing a collective experience which focuses on what 30-somethings have in common, what inspires us, what has influenced our differences, what brings us together and how we belong to a generation that is neither X nor Y.  The goal is to connect a generation, to focus on what we are doing right." 

Her line above about us being neither X nor Y really strikes me. As a 37-year-old, I am in the same decade of life as Gen Y people who are in their earlier 30s which means we have a lot in common.  While being Gen X defines me in many ways, it is a good reminder that there are always ways for us to reach out to and connect to those around us regardless of their generation. 

Alice Venessa Bever is the creator of Project1979.  She is a performer, director and educator, but that would probably only begin to describe her.  I'll also add that I think she is about 79 different kinds of amazing.  As a 30-something, she encourages you to tell your story as "you probably have something quite awesome to add." 

This is a project I hope to be a part of sooner or later. 
Between social media, music, performance and even nostalgic wonders, this project is building bridges - connecting people all over the world.  In one of the Project1979 YouTube videos, Alice describes the project as "a totally rad experiment on the human experience."

And what could be better than that?  

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