Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Gen X Chronicles: Part Ten - Other Chronicles of the Gen X Experience

Below is the very last image I have for The Gen X Chronicles series.  Of all the photography I did at the Reagan Museum, this image may be my favorite.  One section of the Reagan Museum features gifts that were given to the Reagans out of diplomacy from Heads of State and others during the 80s. I had to snap a picture of this little trio - this piece looks so intrinsically Gen X and reminds of me of many little figurines I saw in my early Gen X years.  

 The one in the middle is me...and the links below will take you to the blogs of two other Gen Xers who round out the trio!

At first glance, these may just look like carolers holding their music...at second glance, you'll see three Gen X girls wearing cute scarves and Doc Martens who are proclaiming their stories to the whole world...that's what we bloggers do. If you enjoyed these Gen X Chronicles, here is a little bit about two other bloggers who have done some Gen X chronicling of their own....

As I was writing about the Challenger Disaster of the Gen X Chronicles, I was thinking of my friend Heyray at The Shape of X. While Generation X remembers watching the launch of the Challenger on classroom TVs, there were just a few Xers who got to actually watch it launch with their own eyes.  Heyray is one of these people -  she had seen multiple epic shuttle launches and she stood in the parking lot of her junior high school as it ascended and unexpectedly descended: Atlantis Rising


The name Jennifer was one of the most popular names given to Generation X girls including Jennifer James at Are You There God? It's Me Generation X   She is doing a year-long series called "The Jennifer Chronicles" that includes stories and photos of girls named Jennifer.  This is my favorite one so far:  Punk Rock Jennifer - this post includes a picture of another trio of Gen X girls.... 


There are countless stories to be told about Gen X.  If you are a Gen Xer, you grew up in an amazing time in history, and you have an amazing story.  I am grateful for all the Gen X writers and bloggers out there who have and continue to chronicle the Gen X experience each in their own way.  The ten Gen X chronicles I have posted have been a big piece of my story, and this is a big piece of the story of Generation X...

 The Gen X Chronicles. 

I forgot to take a photo of the sign describing the image above - I think it came from Eastern Europe, but I can't remember - please send me an email or comment if you know who gifted this or if you know the artist who created this adorable piece!

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