Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gen X Valentines

This month I noticed some Gen X themed valentines floating around, so I had to share them with you....

Star Wars valentine candy boxes: I couldn't resist snapping a shot of these at the store.

I'm pretty sure I won't be taking any tips from Darth Vader on love since the kind he gave was pretty adversarial....R2D2 gives a much better kind of love - he's like the trusty friend who is ready at a moment's notice to go on any kind of adventure with you.  And because he's always nice and makes cute little noises, you're always glad you brought him along. 

Below are two Valentines my daughter got from classmates at her class Valentines Day party:

The sound of tearing apart perforated Valentines really takes me back...

Batman would like to remind you that even on Valentine's Day, he is busy out there fighting for justice (although with abs like that, there wouldn't be much time left over after his workouts for much else). 
The 1960s was when the first wave of Gen Xers was in their earliest years, so some Gen Xers remember watching Batman on TV when the show first aired.  I happened to catch a few minutes the other day of an interview with Adam West who played Batman in those days.  He mentioned that those who talk about the largest pop culture influences of the 1960s will mention The Three Bs: The Beatles, James Bond, and Batman.  

 I can still hear their sound effects in my memory as the
boys at school would play Transformers on the playground.

While I didn't watch Transformers, the boys in my elementary school classes did.   There were different generations of Tranformers characters.  Generation 1 was from 1984-1993 which would have been the one that was the most influential on Gen Xers.  This valentine came with the Transformers symbol eraser as a bonus.... 

May all your Valentine's Days be filled with retro characters from your Gen X youth. 

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