Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Party Kitchen!

Remember the Party Kitchen?  

If you are a first wave Gen Xer (those now most likely in their 40s) you might remember your younger sibling having one of these, and if you are a second wave Xer like myself (those most likely in their 30s) you may remember playing with one.  Nothing was better than going to play at a friend's house and discovering they owned one of these...this toy made for a very fun afternoon.
A friend of mine has this in her kids' play room and she let me take some photos....

Watch out!! These burners look like they're ready to cook anything!  The stove top dials can be turned to three different settings in popular early 1980s colors. 

The smoky glass (or maybe just plastic) oven front and cutting edge digital timer - so very 80s.  

A phone that you can talk on while you cook helps with multitasking - 
you can fry eggs while you rotary dial a friend!  


The folding side table is waiting for you  to come have a seat - there s a delicious chicken leg ready 
to be eaten with a spork.  Appetizing?  No?  

Maybe you'd like some waffles instead?  They've been on this plate waiting for you since 1983.

Bon Appetit!

(For KB - my wonderful Gen X friend who appreciates rotary phones and plastic waffles a much as I do!!) 


HeyRay said...

Just looking through the ToysRus holiday catalog and noticed the modern incarnation of the party kitchen includes under-the-counter recycling bins! I'm waiting for them to come with built-in espresso machines. :-)

Andrea said...

I had this kitchen set when I was a kid. Found your blog because I was googling for it. Do you happen to have any full shots of this?? Wow, this brings back so many memories.

ChloeGXP said...

HeyRay - that is so cute! It's never too early to start learning how to recycle! I really like the way these have evolved with so much detail, but most of all I really like the simplicity of the vintage ones!

ChloeGXP said...

Hi Andrea! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and that we have shared childhood memories of this very fun toy! I was looking for a full shot of this same little kitchen online for you...if you head over to Ebay, that's a good place to see a bunch of different full shots of it in one place. While I was looking there, I noticed that back in the day they also made an exact miniature of this same kitchen for dollhouses - I never knew that and I love miniatures! Another interesting thing: try googling images again and make sure to include 'Little Tikes' in the search - you will see that there has been different versions of it - some have a water dispenser, some do not, some have round stove top burners, some have square ones, etc. Have fun looking and reminiscing!!

Ian Sherman said...

Chicken and waffles... mmmmmm...

ChloeGXP said...

That's right. That's the good stuff.