Monday, August 13, 2012

Ladybugs and the Space-Time Continuum

Bonus entry: Ladybugs and the the Space-Time Continuum - a digital story board blog entry for kids or Gen X kids-at-heart...

There once was a ladybug that went for a mid-afternoon walk.  It seemed like an ordinary day with ordinary things going on all around her.  There wasn't much to be excited about. 

As it turned out, however, her day became so much more than ordinary - especially when she began to see that the texture on which she was walking was actually the space-time continuum.  This got her thinking that if she kept on walking, she could make it to the edge of the universe.  She planned to tell all her friends.

But what would you do if you got to the edge of the universe and the only thing over the side was a coiled up garden hose and a backyard patio? 

You'd probably do the same thing as this ladybug.  You'd turn around and start heading back in the opposite direction to go pick up a burger and fries for lunch.  Walking to the edge of the universe can make you really hungry.  More later on the deep thoughts of ladybugs and finding the edge of the universe...

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