Sunday, July 22, 2012

Player One

Two recent blog entries I did this month discuss the astounding and the miraculous.

The Most Astounding Fact in the Universe from 7/6/12 discusses how the very atoms of our bodies originated from the guts of stars that went super nova and exploded.  It is astounding to know that we can look up at the universe and see the universe reflected in us.

The Miracle of You from 7/16/12 discusses the mathematical odds of your existence.  To look at these numbers and to try to wrap your mind around them should cause us to see everything differently.  It should cause us to see every person we have ever known differently, because this shows us the profound value of every person we pass by every day - from the person in the cubicle next to yours that you may only know just a little bit about, to the homeless man we pass by on the corner who is struggling for his daily existence.

And when we can begin to see even more of the value, and the beauty, and the miraculous in others, we can begin to see even more of it in ourselves. 

Today, I want to begin to ask this question of myself and of every Gen Xer who reads this...
In light of the astounding and the miraculous that has brought us to this place in history, and in light of what constantly bombards us in the news about all the horrible and appalling we now must  think about why we are here at this time and place...

So, Player One, what will you do at this crossroads?

What if this generation was given the name X because it actually symbolizes a crossroads?  We have an enormous responsibility to take the world forward by our present and future decisions.  What if X marks the spot on the timeline of modern history where things began to really get better?  Every experience of your life had prepared you for the amazing things you are about to do that will make the world better now and for the generations that follow. 

There is probably something that you can do today.  You probably already know what it is.  No matter how seemingly small, it will propel us all forward.  Even the smallest thing can alter the timeline of history. 

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