Monday, June 18, 2012

When God Visits Baseball Fields

Some people say they experience or sense the presence of God in church or some place of worship.  Many say that it is more often found in other places - in random places, or places in nature, or during some moment of the human experience.  I was at the park with my family recently, and because it's a really new park, hardly anyone yet knows about it so there was hardly anyone there.  My family and I had entire baseball fields to walk around on barefoot, the sun was bright, and the breeze was cool.  My husband took my daughter to run around in the distance.  Since there was no one in sight, I lied down on the grass for a while.  When I sat up, I instantly stood up, because it was in this moment I felt that sacred presence.   Because of the solemnity and even the intimacy of moments like these I would normally hesitate to photograph that presence, it felt in that moment that I needed to.  My cell phone camera somehow picked up the prisms coming from the rays of light spilling out onto the soft, green grass, and maybe a little bit of the profound peace and warmth I could feel as I stood there with this sense that it is all going to work out - that it is all going to be okay, that it is all going to be amazing.   Sometimes God shows up next to the spray of waterfalls, or among the incense during a liturgical offering, or in the warm embrace of someone who wholeheartedly loves you.  Sometimes, when the clouds are silver and the sun is perfect, God shows up in baseball fields.  

(c) 2012 photography and writing by Chloe Koffas - all rights reserved


Anonymous said...

beautiful entry.

ChloeGXP said... was a beautiful day!