Saturday, May 12, 2012

Where the Wild Things Are / In Memory of Maurice Sendak (Week 50 of Fireflies at Dusk: A 52-Week Project)

Throughout the Fireflies at Dusk project, I have wanted to watch and write about the film, Where the Wild Things Are, yet the timing never seemed right - until now.   Earlier this week, Maurice Sendak, the writer and illustrator of the book, passed away.  I wanted to include a tribute to his influence on Gen X as a part of this 52-week project.  Finally seeing the 2009 film come alive with creatures created in Jim Henson's Creature Shop was extraordinary.   I thought it was profound, artistic, and I felt the film was true to the original book - even the color palette.

Where the Wild Things Are was an extremely important book in Gen X's collective childhood experience.  Some even see it as one of the most important children's books of the 20th century.  There is a lot to be said about the book from a psychological perspective, and the dark undertones show you that something about the human soul is being dealt with.  There are the issues of how we fight for survival, how we deal with rage, and how we become stronger because of both.  


"Inside each of us is hope.  Inside each of us is fear. 
  Inside each of us is adventure."

In memory...

...of Maurice Sendak 

(c) 2012 photography and writing by Chloe - all rights reserved

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