Thursday, June 13, 2013

Low Tech Gen X

Mattel did a re-issue of their handheld, late-1970s Classic Baseball and Classic Football games in 2001.  My friend Cory had the originals of these two games as a kid, and then he got the Mattel remakes more recently when they were re-issued.  He let me take some snapshots of the baseball game which is the one I liked the best as a kid.  I love the very retro Gen X childhood look of these....  

This represents the very early days of handheld gaming and I love how low tech these are.  These games have "alarm clock" LED also known as "seven-segment" LED score boards and are the first generation of handheld digital gaming systems like Nintendo's Gameboy that followed many years later.

If you are Gen X, you watched an analog world phase into a digital one.

Now my friend Cory is a software consultant, and it is amazing not only to think how far technology has come in the life of Generation X, but also how far Gen Xers have come in their knowledge of technology from childhood until now. 

My older step-brother had this toy way back in the day.   I wasn't supposed to play with it, which meant I did anyway when he left the room.  Soon he soon caught on and kept it hidden it after that....So I only played with this toy a couple of times and then I never saw it again, which is fine, because I was busy with mastering my Maze Craze skills on Atari, and didn't have time to worry about it.

Do you remember having one of these as a kid?  Here's a fun article on the history of these types of games: 

For my friend Cory and every Gen Xer who had one of these growing up.

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