Friday, August 17, 2012

Your Choices Will Change the World

Sitting at my keyboard with my hands unable to type, I was straining to articulate a certain message that I wanted to convey to Gen X.  While I sat searching for the right words to resonate,  the tag of my tea bag was dangling from the steaming mug to my side.  It was yelling out a message to me that was simply stated but profoundly true, and exactly what I was trying to say.  A little tag with a big message: 



You've got more than a lot to offer. 

Your choices will, in fact, change the world. 

Step forward. 

"It's never the wasting of time that hurts so much
as the wasting of ourselves." -Ann Voskamp

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Anonymous said...

It seems like every generation gets a chance to make huge changes in the world. Sometimes they actually make it worse. Let's try to make it better.