Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Gen X Anniversary at the Arcade (Week 14 of Fireflies at Dusk: A 52-Week Project)

What do two Gen Xers do for their 5th anniversary?  With our tot in tow, we decided to spend the first half of the day at a funplex to play in an arcade, watch galaxy bowling, and have lunch.  (We spent most of our time in the arcade!)

What could be a more Gen X day than this?

Ski-ball rules!
 I forgot how satisfying it is to watch the machine spew out a ton of  tickets.
 I traded in the tickets for a litttle stuffed turtle for my daughter.  She named it Roxy. 

Kind of fun to watch her have her first arcade experience...

Every generation wants their children to know their roots.

I picture parents throughout time, journeying back to the places they are from.

I imagine them saying things to their little ones like:

"When I was small like you, this is the street I lived on."

"These mountains and this river are a part of my childhood."

Gen Xers take their kids to arcades and say things to their little ones like:

"When I was small like you, these are the games I used to play."

"These digital sounds and graphics are a part of my childhood."


Most Gen Xers spent part of their growing-up years in arcades.  It was a place of familiarity, a place where things were consistent even when the rest of you life was not.  It was a place of escape even if just for a little while, and it is an important piece of who we are.

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